It all began with an idea and a passion during the early 1990′s in Montreal.

The idea was to create vegetarian sandwiches with pita bread and Mediterranean ingredients. We put  these healthy and great tasting foods into the mouths of everyday Canadian people. Noticing the lack of Mediterranean foods in local grocery stores, the Sfeir family knew it had a mission to fulfill. From this we developed our salad and dip lines all the way into east Asian foods.

In no time, Hommus and Tabbouleh Salad under the Gourmet Vegetarian brand could be found in grocery stores across Quebec and Ontario. Our motto is “If I don’t feed it to my children ,I don’t feed it to my customers” we choose the best quality ingredients available and concentrate on the best taste possible.Our all natural products have no artificial flavors or colors.As the healthy market grew , Gourmet Vegetarian began to infuse different flavors into its Hommus to satisfy the tastes of its newest fans,we also introduced our healthy meat sandwiches which contain 1/3 meat(chicken, tuna, roast beef….etc),1/3 vegetables, 1/3 vegetable protein,and a super light sauce(70%less fat than Mayo).

As a family owned business we still insist on making our products the old fashioned authentic way, our products remain homemade by taste and texture, our dips are mild and allow you to taste all the ingredients with no strong lemony taste and after burn in your throat. Our salads are made daily and delivered fresh with the best vegetables and ingredients on the market.The Gourmet Vegetarian family believes in creating extraordinary products, and searches the world for only the finest ingredients in order to bring you world class taste.

Our facilities are state of the art and cleanliness is the number one priority.

Our goal at Gourmet Vegetarian is to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, without sacrificing taste and quality.
On the behalf of the whole Gourmet Vegetarian family, we would like to share our tradition from our family’s kitchen to your family’s table. As our family continues to grow, the Mediterranean tradition lives on…

Explore the taste of the Good food. Eat it.Enjoy it.Love it